Ground-breaking altcoin ACEToken bridges the everyday commercial business model with the crypto economy. Built on the Binance smart chain with 1 trillion fixed total circulating supply.
ACEToken is a token that provides revenue through everyday business modelling with aims to revolutionize the decentralized finance industry by building its unique supply chain for personal protective equipment (PPE). Additionally, ACE will invest in green energy projects.
ACE intends to contribute 50% of the profits from PPE sales and dividends from investments to the liquidity pool, ensuring ACEToken price growth.
Initial returns for PPE contracts in process is expected to generate $500K in monthly liquidity enhancement with less than 10% usage of the production allocation secured.
ACE is at contract stage to take a 7% equity in an electric vehicle company with 22 models and a valuation in excess of $200 Billion intending to list on the NYSE mid 2022. Other investments are planned in green energy wind and solar energy projects.