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Undeads Metaverse
Undeads Metaverse is a next-generation AAA zombies survival NFT game that is entirely player-centric. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must survive in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The game is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has had a successful audit of in-game smart contracts by Certik. The game features play-to-earn (and kill-to-earn) mechanics that allow players to earn rewards while fending off zombies through digital land, cosmetics, and game characters. In addition to the Undeads Survival game, the team is building a VR Social Hub with multiple VR games for a true metaverse and virtual reality experience. Players can come together to hang out, socialize, have fun, interact and earn. The VR Social Hub offers a wide spectrum of gaming experiences, including VR RC racing, sports fishing, bowling, pool hall VR, and more. ICO Name Undeads Metaverse Ticker UDS ✔️ Round 2 Sale Start Date - 23 February 2023 ✔️ Round 2 Sale End Date - 23 March 2023 Token price 1 UDS - 0.3 USDT Token type ERC20 Total Supply 250000000 Soft cap $3400000 Hard cap $10575000 Accepted currencies BTC, ETH, USDT ✔️ Website ✔️ Whitepaper Bitcointalk: Medium: Telegram: Facebook: Youtube: Twitter: Instagram: Reddit: Discord:
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