BTSE is an Innovative Platform for Futures and Spot Trading, which settle profits in any currency or coin that maximize your capital with up to 100x leverage.
  • Post margin with multiple currencies and coins simultaneously.
  • Easily add and remove multiple collateralized assets on the fly that benefits from volatile markets without being susceptible to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.
  • Better liquidity with all currencies sharing the same liquidity pool via one order book.
  • Next-generation matching engine runs purely in memory without the need for a database, enabling sub-millisecond transactions and significantly reducing the risk for system overloads.
  • Horizontal scaling allows BTSE to upgrade with near-zero downtime. And the entire exchange is self-hosted – an impactful security advantage.
  • Founding members come from Goldman Sachs, Cisco and IBM.
  • The platform is licensed by the Department of Economic Development via the Government of Dubai and is regulated through the Central bank of the United Arab Emirates, providing the exchange with strong banking relations.
Below are our website and API documentations :
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