🐈 $CatBoy
Catboy is a community led NFT project, founded and built, by comic, manga, anime, and pet lovers. This token is a symbol of the spirit, cohesion, and sharing of memes, manga and comic loving communities around the world. Besides building a strong community. Catboy cares about the real value that the project brings. Bringing Catboy merchandise, a Catboy NFT marketplace, and building a worldwide network of users to donate to feral cats and support struggling cat owners. Catboy has three different NFT editions which are available on CatBoys own dapp. Besides mystery boxes with Founder Edition NFTs which contain their own rarity levels, the NFTs can be staked in the NFT staking platform to passively earn Catboy tokens. All NFTs can be bought, sold or transferred on the Catboy Marketplace. The revenues of the mysteryboxes which happen with the Catboy token have a deflationary effect on the supply, which enables a redistribution through staking, but gives the project the possibility to create burn events to tighten the supply.