With CranberrySwap, you no longer need to worry about the security issue of wallet autoconnect, contrary to current concerns with PancakeSwap. CranberrySwap is decentralized and runs on the BSC network, so you can trade any BSC token. It supports competitive yield farming & staking, and the developer team will only be adding fully vetted IFOs on our platform. The developers will strive to make CranberrySwap the best DEX in the crypto sphere with continual innovation and design improvements. They are already working on some new incredible features that will enable their users to make more effective and efficient trades, and this is just the beginning!
How to BUY:
You can trade BNB for CRNBRY on any binance smart chain based decentralized exchange, but why do that when you can use CranberrySwap! Our low fees means more tokens in your wallet for each purchase! Visit cranberryswap.net and go to exchange.
We have one confirmed major partner. (you won't believe who!?!) and other partners are already lining up to get involved. We seek organic growth through partnerships with legitimate projects!
Astounding DEV group:
These developers are extremely talented people from various backgrounds and industries. They consistently engage with their local community. Completely doxed! And are continually attempting to advance and push Cranberry on the entirety of their socials (links below). They have AMA's on YouTube week after week. They are always working long and hard and are always ready to answer any questions or concerns from holders, potential partners, and potential investors.
Come and visit with them in any of their socials!