Welcome to
, the first ever Elon-Pegged Cryptocurrency! Rather than sit around and wait for Elon to tweet with dread, we decided to build game-changing integrations to monitor twitter for every Elon tweet, retweet, or reply, and 🔥
🔥 with verifiable on-chain records every time!
🔥 So, what makes ElonPeg special? 🔥
* BLASTED through 600BNB hard cap (2BNB max buy-in) presale in 10 minutes!
* 9% tax on every transaction: 3% to holders, 3% to liquidity, 3% to marketing, events, and carbon offsetting
* 1 Trillion total supply, 500Bn has been sent to the BurnUponTweeting contract
The BurnUponTweeting contract (audited along with the token) which is called the Burn Vault starts with half the total supply. Every time Elon tweets, the function ElonTweeted(tweetId) is called, burning 0.5% (adjustable) of the Burn Vault supply.
Elon Tweets are picked up within minutes, kicking off a process that burns the required amount, stores the tweet ID in the burn transaction record, and sends alerts to the Telegram channel. We also hope to have this retweet and announce on Twitter in the future. You can read more info on the site and lite paper at https://elonpeg.com
👀 How safe is this? 👀
As always, the crypto world and the BSC can be fraught with scams and honeypots. Do your own research, come chat with us, whatever you need to feel comfortable. The team is highly responsive and extremely helpful and knowledgeable and the Telegram is very lively.
ELONPEG does take security seriously. All contracts and the marketing wallet have been created from a Ledger hardware wallet, BurnUponTweeting was created to ensure half the supply isn’t just sitting in a Metamask somewhere, and have run through countless tests on Testnet and revisions with auditors to ensure everything is exactly as it should be for the presale and launch.
📣 More Details 📣