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Hellfire. Humanity’s Final Blazing Hope.
Our once gleaming Civilisation of traders and merchants is a wasteland. Ravenous bears thirst endlessly for blood, pounding relentlessly at the gate of the last remaining stronghold- the fair lands of BSC. Few diamond-clad warriors survive, and have equipped themselves with the Final Weapon. The Last Hope.
This is more than brimstone and fire.
This is Hellfire.
When the situation turns bleak and all the beans have dried up, these traders will have no choice but to unleash a fury so bright, so all consuming, that every last drop of Red will turn to Green. Bears will become bulls, sharpening their newfound horns for the eternal battle between Up and Down.
The Prophecy of Hellfire, explained:
What makes Hellfire a different beast is its novel tokenomic structure. Few alchemists have dared procure such flawless chemistry, and even fewer have succeeded.
Hellfire is hyper-deflationary by nature, thanks to the 12% Barter Fee applied to every transaction.
5.5% of every transaction is permanently added to HELLFIRE’s liquidity. 2.75% is burned, alongside a further 2.75% that funds the HELLFIRE buyback function, which purchases HELLFIRE on the market and is then burned forever.
The HELLFIRE function.
Buyback and burns rage right across BSC as of now, but the likes of HELLFIRE function has never been witnessed in all its glory.
Because of HELLFIRE’s tokenomics, 5.5% of EVERY transaction will be burned, while also allowing for perma upward pressure from our HELLFIRE buybacks to ANNIHILATE ALL DIPS. Hellfire’s unique mechanics allow for manual buybacks at anytime and any amount — this means it is impossible for bots to force buybacks and artificially cause huge wicks up and down. In short, the HELLFIRE buybacks will create a meaningful price floor and paint the chart ablaze with green. These buybacks, combined with a constantly shrinking token supply will reward holders for holding, as the % of total supply you hold will grow relative to the burns.
Our insane developer has HARD CODED the buyback caller address into the smart contract — meaning HELLFIRE can be renounced while still allowing us to perform buybacks. This ensures safety for everyone. More safety means more gains.
Reap what you sow, but sow not the seed of doubt, for brimstone will rain upon you. Hellfire consumes all- partake, or be forgotten as ash.
A 12% Barter Fee is applied on every transaction.
1% reflect. This means 1% of each transaction is distributed amongst holders proportionally. The more you hold, the more you earn.
5.5% to liquidity, meaning the price floor ever rises.
2.75% of each transaction is immediately burned.
2.75% to the HELLFIRE buyback fund. Manual, unbottable and ready to paint the chart green at the click of a finger.