The internet of money belongs to the people. But the bullring is currently controlled by many bullfighters, where a bald south-african, a skeletal russian and a crazy chinese freely play with the price… and our money.
TORO is a cryptocurrency for us, providing a decentralized power of internet finance to the community, who will truly decide with our horns when the run ends.
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WHALE PROTECTION: 5% max tx limit!
Total supply:
95% Community
3% Team - LOCKED 12 months
2% Marketing
The rest of the tokens belong to the community. No hidden ownership.
The total supply is fixed and no more minting is possible.
Contracts are verified, audited… and of course, all ownership is renounced and given back to our community.
The world of decentralized finance is open to you, you just need to join $TORO and decide by ourselves what we do with the price of OUR coin. And don’t let any “doge” do it for us.